Welcome to the team, Todds of Campsie

Great to have Todds Of Campsie on board. We migrated Todds onto our Office 365 platform protecting their business with our Kaspersky Endpoint Security Client and safely storing their business-critical data in our ISO accredited data centre in Belfast via our encrypted cloud backup software.

This move has modernised the IT systems as Todds, helping rings run smoothly behind the scenes. A decision which also positively reinforces Todds’ security measures, ensuring that important information is securely stored and protected.

Local Supporting Local

Todds are a long-established family company originally from Coleraine but expanded to their current site in 1990.

Having had a number of franchises over the years they have consolidated their position with the Kia franchise to become a Main Kia Dealer for Northern Ireland. They still remain as a franchised Aftersales point for Chrysler Jeep & Dodge.

They are very much a family business with James Todd (Managing Director) starting the company in the early ’80s. Over the years he was joined by his sons filling managerial roles as the company has expanded.