Annie from Seating Matters


“We used to process everything manually, we were getting mistakes nearly every single day! Customers would end up getting the wrong thing, or there were delays with their order.
Now with the JSE Computing software, we get everything right the first time, our customers are getting the service that they need and the products that they need at the right time.
Everyone has been doing their jobs here at Seating Matters quicker and better.”


Bespoke Software Development

Seating Matters is a family owned business in Limavady, who are global manufacturers of clinical seating for patients with reduced mobility, or who require physical support. As an ever-evolving company, Seating Matters came to JSE Computing for support in advancing their ordering systems.

Previously, orders and quote requests were arriving through multiple different channels and had to be uploaded manually. Not only was this slowing down production, but it was also leading to errors in order processing: information was being translated incorrectly across the factory and so the wrong things were being made, and since Seating Matters process such a large volume of orders, the occasional order request was going missing.

To solve this issue, created a web application that allowed the Seating Specialists to create more accurate price quotes, at a quicker rate, that linked to their existing Sage database. To do this we decide on a proof of concept that took chair components and their prices from the Sage database, which could only be viewed internally, and synced them to a new database in our ISO accredited datacentre. We changed the prices on the Sage database and these changes synced out to the new web application.

Our next step was to create a configurator where the seating specialists could design the chairs they sold and add all of the components they needed to build them. This meant that an online inventory of what exactly is needed for each chair could be made, minimising the risk of the seating specialists selecting components which are not compatible with certain chairs. We worked side by side with Seating Matters and began adding all of their chair models into the new configuration system, starting with their least complicated chair and working our way up to their most advanced. It was a success!

All of the orders now flow seamlessly from the cloud-based ordering system we created back down into their local Sage database which has fully transformed operations at Seating Matters reducing the labour intense processing of the orders. The bespoke software which we designed is built on the latest Microsoft Technology, and is hosted in our ISO accredited data centre.

​We at JSE Computing are extremely grateful to be able to provide this assistance to Seating Matters, a company which prides itself on its organisation and forward thinking, and know that our input has had such a large impact on its efficiency. But don’t just take our word for it, please see the video below to hear what the team in Seating Matters have to say about it.


Custom Integration Software

DoorFix Ring-Gard (est. 1979) are the leading supplier of industrial doors throughout Ireland and the UK. The well-established company supply and fit doors for office buildings, large-scale shopping malls and industrial and commercial units. As well as that, DoorFix install fire and smoke resistant curtains and shutters, and roller shutters. We work with DoorFix Dublin, one of the company’s five locations.

​DoorFix Dublin asked JSE to help them increase efficiencies in their office as they were running three different software systems. The first system was a CRM system called Prospect, which is used for logging problems and enquiries; it also stores customer contact and order details. The other two systems were an accounts system called Exchequer, and a job-management system called FieldMotion. While these are three decent pieces of software, the lack of automation between the three of them meant that recording just one job was EXTREMELY over-complicated.

​DoorFix staff were first reporting problems into Prospect. Then, employees were manually logging the job requirements and details into the FieldMotion system, which would then allocate the job to an engineer who would call out and fix the logged problem. Upon completing the job, the engineer would sign-off the job on FieldMotion. Then, the office staff returned to the Prospect system to confirm the details of the work that was completed and how the problem was solved, and then finally this information was inputted into the Exchequer system to process the invoice.

​To say this system was laborious and causing serious inefficiencies is an understatement! DoorFix considered recruiting more administrative staff to cope with the volume of work because of this ineffective system. This is where JSE come in!

​Exchequer and Prospect use an SQL database, and so we were able to access them via ODBC. We then accessed the FieldMotion system via its author and an API. In plain English, Exchequer and Prospect were coded using the same software: Windows. FieldMotion is hosted by a different system, so to access it we used an API, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other – the two applications being its software and ours.

​Once we had access, we created software which connects Prospect to FieldMotion, called the FM Integrator. This meant that employees no longer had to input job details and requirements into FieldMotion; the jobs were now being created automatically when the problem was reported in Prospect. FM Integrator also automatically signs-off a job in Prospect once it is marked as complete in FieldMotion, and creates an invoice for the job. Over 14,000 transactions have now gone through this system enabling DoorFix to manage the business without being snowed under with admin. This software has saved the DoorFix team countess hours, and ensures greater accuracy when assigning jobs to engineers.

​DoorFix have recently contacted JSE Computing again; inquiring about enhancing the system further with a brand-new customer data sync tool which would keep customer information up to date in all 3 business systems without manual administrative intervention. We are of course happy to help, and are so pleased that the DoorFix Dublin team are happy with the software which we created for them!


Hardware Recommendation and Procurement | Anti-virus | Cloud Back-up | Bespoke Software Development

Claudy DIY are an independent builder’s merchant, supplying building materials to both private and commercial customers since 1984. A family-run business which operates from their yard shop in Claudy village, Claudy DIY have almost 40 years’ experience in trading with business across Ireland and the UK. Thanks to the current circumstances, Claudy DIY are now experiencing an influx of orders online, rather than in-person. To meet the demands of business, the company decided to completely upgrade their computer systems with JSE Computing, utilizing our hardware recommendation and procurement, anti-virus and cloud back-up services and bespoke software development.

​We’ve had the pleasure of working with Claudy DIY in the past, so our IT Consultant was familiar with the IT needs of the company. Nonetheless, we conducted a new survey into how Claudy DIY operate and what systems they use, in order to determine which equipment would suit them best. Speed, performance and longevity were specified as Claudy DIY’s top priorities for IT equipment. With this in mind, and thanks to our partnership with Dell, we were able to provide Claudy DIY with three brand new Dell Workstation computers, with five screens in total, paired with Xerox multifunction laser printer-scanners.

As a business who keenly work to provide top-tier customer service, it is important for Claudy DIY to have a highly efficient IT system with as little downtime as possible. That’s another reason why our IT consultant selected computers which come with next-business-day support for three years. While this is good – we’ve done them one better, as any customer who we procure hardware for, we also provide anti-virus for too, adding an extra layer of security to their new equipment.

Another way in which JSE were able to help Claudy DIY return to work post-pandemic was through providing a secure back-up system, and by moving their data from their old computers onto their new ones. We created unique software which enabled us to migrate essential data from their 2002 Intact into Xero, a platform which automates payroll, customer information, invoicing and tax returns. This will save Claudy DIY hours of manual labour a week, allowing them more time to allocate their focus to other aspects of their business.

We have fully installed Claudy DIY’s new equipment with minimal disruption to the team at their yard / shop. We were able to transfer their data quickly and implement all of the necessary safety precautions, so Claudy DIY are now operating with their brand new, upgraded equipment. Thanks for choosing JSE Computing for your IT needs, Claudy DIY!