When you know you have a fantastic service, but don’t know how to convey it

Allow our fully qualified creative writing department optimise your company’s online image

Analysis and review of current online platforms and proposal social media planner.


A detailed review of the content on your current website and social media pages. Points for assessment include:

  • writing language and style
  • quality of content
  • how understandable the information is as an ‘outsider’ of your industry – the same perspective your customer will have
  • your current company ‘voice’ and ‘persona’, if you have one

Phone/video consultation to discuss your goals for your business’s desired ‘voice’ and ‘persona’, what you think your business is doing well online, and what is missing in terms of online content, your content and visual goals.

Social Media Services


Social Media Services
Social media is a free platform where you can advertise and give information about your company to people who may not be actively seeking out your services. Previously, customers had to know your business existed to find your website, now, they can discover your business and lead themselves to your website. Services include:

  • Regular posts which use SEO keywords and hash tags on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
  • Posts two, four or seven times a week
  • Scheduled posts across all your social media platforms which contain images or videos
  • Paid advertisements which target people by location, age, profession and gender
Blog Services


Blogs are a fantastic way to give information on your business and promote your products in an interesting, conversational format. JSE recommend a weekly blog for maximum engagement.

  • Will be between 250 and 1000 words as requested (half a page to two pages)
  • Contain images or videos at no additional cost
  • Can be automatically uploaded to your site, or sent as a copy-able PDF for you to manually upload
  • Will focus on one central topic, either of your request or based on SEO topics and keywords
  • Can be redrafted once for free
  • Multiple blog styles available: top 10 blogs, recipes, how-to, list blogs, style-ideas, link and promotional blogs – and any other style on request.
Website Services


Your website is the hub of information on your company. You have full editorial control over your content, presentation and the order of importance of your information – maximise its effectiveness! Website services include:

  • Editing the word content of existing website
  • Starting from scratch and creating a completely new website for your business, with fresh content, images and layout
  • These services come with free phone consultations and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee – we will edit until you are fully content with the final result
  • Styling will be consistent with company persona, which humanises your business and increases information retention in customers
Why You Need It:
  • Increases online awareness of your company.
  • White glove customer service: the quality of the content on your website is a direct reflection of our writing service. Therefore, we put the upmost effort and care into providing high-quality content.
  • Writing style will be adapted to your desired tone, allowing your company to adopt its own personality and tone. This is VITAL in humanising small businesses and makes your company unique and inviting.
  • Customer-centric language: as an outsider of your business, we will assess your current marketing material through the eyes of a customer who does not share your industry knowledge and expertise. Therefore allowing us to identify and change hard to understand information, and translate it into something customers will resonate with, and want.
  • Service is scalable and can adapt to the needs of your company.
  • Proof-read, edited content which is focused on quality.