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Windows Server 2012 End of Life

Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 have reached their end of life, meaning Microsoft no longer provides regular updates or support, exposing systems to security vulnerabilities.

To ensure a secure and efficient IT infrastructure, it’s crucial to upgrade to a newer server operating system.

JSE Computing Ltd offers expert solutions for seamless transitions, specializing in server upgrades and maintenance.

Their services guarantee a smooth migration process, minimizing downtime and ensuring compatibility with the latest technologies. Upgrading not only enhances security but also unlocks advanced features, optimizing performance and reliability.

Trust JSE Computing Ltd for a reliable partner in navigating the evolving landscape of server technology.

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Executive manager monitoring employee performance in the office.

Outsource your IT to

Outsourcing IT support to JSE Computing, backed by 25 years of industry experience, is a strategic move for businesses seeking to leverage the latest cloud technologies. With a wealth of knowledge, they are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic IT landscape.

JSE Computing’s expertise ensures that your organization benefits from cutting-edge solutions, increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Their commitment to simplifying IT aligns perfectly with your business needs, offering a seamless and hassle-free experience. By entrusting JSE Computing, you tap into a wealth of experience, ensuring your business stays at the forefront of technology while enjoying reliable, tailored, and cost-effective IT support.

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Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials certification is a vital cybersecurity accreditation for businesses seeking to protect themselves from cyber threats. This certification demonstrates a commitment to basic but crucial security measures, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. It encompasses best practices such as secure network configurations, malware protection, access control, and patch management.

Choosing JSE Computing as your partner for achieving Cyber Essentials certification is advantageous due to their partnership with Cybersmart. This collaboration enhances the process, offering expertise and tools that simplify compliance. JSE Computing’s partnership with Cybersmart ensures that your organization receives up-to-date guidance, assessments, and resources, making it easier to navigate the evolving landscape of cyber threats and maintain a strong security posture.

By enlisting JSE Computing and leveraging their partnership with Cybersmart, businesses can fortify their defenses against cyberattacks and safeguard sensitive information.

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Windows 10, version 21H2 has reached its end of servicing, making it essential to update to the latest, Version 22H2, for security and performance enhancements. JSE Computing offers expert support to streamline this transition. Our skilled professionals ensure a seamless update process, preserving your data and productivity. Trust JSE Computing to keep your devices up-to-date and secure with Windows 10, Version 22H2, providing the latest features and vital security patches for a smooth, productive computing experience

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Unlocking Affordable Communication with JSE Computing Ltd’s VOIP Services

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, efficient communication is essential for businesses of all sizes. Moving to Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) with JSE Computing Ltd can be a game-changer. For as little as £6.49 a month, your organization can enjoy cost-effective, feature-rich communication solutions.

VOIP offers flexibility, scalability, and reduced costs compared to traditional phone systems. JSE Computing Ltd ensures a seamless transition, providing crystal-clear voice quality, video conferencing, and advanced call management features. Moreover, their VOIP services are backed by top-notch support, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.

Embrace the future of communication with JSE Computing Ltd’s VOIP services and empower your business to thrive in today’s interconnected world.

Voip Headset in the office.VOIP

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Microsoft NCE

Valued JSE Customer

This month, some changes are being made by Microsoft with respect to their billing arrangements for Microsoft 365 services. They are calling this their New Customer Experience (NCE)

We are bringing this to your attention now because we supply these services from Microsoft to you. The PDF highlights the key changes. Please read this very carefully. If you have any queries, please do get in touch.

To maintain the existing prices and avoid the price rises from Microsoft coming in on 1st March 2022, JSE Computing Ltd intends to convert all your existing and any new Microsoft 365 licenses requested into a 12-month commitment to Microsoft before 1st March 2022 based upon the current numbers of licenses at that time. This will continue to be paid monthly. If you wish to avail of monthly contracts, please be aware that Microsoft is increasing the prices as outlined in the PDF and the updated costs will be applied to your account with JSE Computing Ltd.

What do I need to do? Please read the information below and complete the short form before 18th February 2022 to confirm your preference. If we don’t hear from you we will assume you are happy and we will proceed with your conversion to Microsoft NCE

Information on Microsoft New Customer Experience can be found in the pdf below


Landline Spoofing

Recently we have been getting a lot of calls from people who say we have called them. We haven’t – our landline number has been used in number spoofing

We think this is to fool the call recipient into believing this is coming from a reputable company like ourselves and then you giving access to your computer.

We will never cold call members of the public because we are primarily a B2B – Business 2 Business and don’t generally deal with members of the public’s IT requirements or support.

It might be a bank holiday!

BUT when your customer is waiting desperately for their new laptops the day off has to go out the window!

As Dell Partners we get access to better deals than the public with most of our equipment coming with 3 years NBD Warranty. Contact us here for more info

What is Software Development and Why Does My Business Need it? (Without the Technical Jargon!)

The dictionary definition of software development reads: “software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components.”

What does that mean?

Basically, we can design unique apps or computer programmes specifically to solve your company’s IT problems. You could benefit from bespoke software if you are:

  • constantly flicking between different systems to get what you need to do, done
  • using a website which is missing a particular function which would make your life easier
  • manually completing repetitive tasks
  • using over-complicated systems because they’re the only ones which seem to have what you need, but have too many irrelevant functions
  • using a faulty, slow, or poorly functioning web or back-end system

JSE Computing can create a software which fixes all of these issues. We have over 30 years’ experience in creating personal, all-in-one systems.

What does it do?

The most common software that we build at JSE is called integration software. Think of integration / automation software as a bridge which connects your different programmes.

There are applications for just about everything today, but there are not enough applications which link them all together – this is where integration software comes into play.

An example: our clients Broighter Gold take hundreds of orders online for their cold pressed oil through their websites. Any time they received an order in the past, they had to open their Shopify website, then copy and paste the customers’ names and addresses into a spreadsheet. Then, copy and paste this information again into their courier’s website to create a postage label.

We custom-built a piece of software for Broighter Gold which connects their Shopify (where they receive their orders) to an online data-base which remembers customer details, so they can analyse their demographic for better, more targeted marketing in the future. Information is then automatically sent to the courier’s website, creating the postage labels, and cutting out the need to continually copy and paste. This has saved the Broighter Gold team hours of manual work, meaning they can focus on and develop other parts of their company. Read Leona’s review of JSE’s custom software in our testimonials section.

I don’t need something which connects platforms, I need a WHOLE NEW platform.

We can do that for you too! As well as integration software, we make:

  • Mobile apps for Apple and Android which are standalone, or connect with webpages, windows applications, databases and more.
  • Windows Applications which are designed for the internal network of your organisation.
  • Web-based applications. Front and back-end, fully functioning websites which are securely backed-up in our datacentre. We also offer content writing services5 so your new website is written to perfection.

We have also designed a new ordering system, proof of concept and database for our clients Seating Matters.

Previously, orders and quote requests were arriving through multiple different channels and had to be uploaded manually. Not only was this slowing down production, but it was also leading to errors in order processing: the wrong things were being made, and the occasional order request was going missing.

To solve this issue, we created a web application that allowed the seating specialists to create more accurate price quotes, at a quicker rate, that linked to their existing Sage database – more integration software! Order progress can now be tracked through the factory as every time it moves along the production line, it is updated online, and this information is shared through the web system we created so anyone in the factory can access it.

We also built a database where the seating specialists could design the chairs they sold and add all of the components they needed to build them. This meant that an online inventory of what exactly is needed for each chair could be made, maximising accuracy and minimising unnecessary spend, as only what is needed to build the chair, is ordered.

Our software is built with the latest Microsoft Technology, and is hosted in our ISO accredited data centre. Read our blog for the full details of how we helped Seating Matters here, our testimonial from the company director, Ryan Tierney, can be found here.

These solutions are unique to Broighter Gold and Seating Matters, of course. They just exemplify the ways in which having a custom-built programme can help innovate your business. What issues does your business need help with?

Benefits – according to the people who have used our service

  • Easy to use, add as many or as little functions and sections as you’d like
  • Quicker order processing – more customers in less time
  • You have complete editorial control over how it looks and feels, and what purpose it serves
  • Customisable and scalable in the future – something regular software simply does not offer!
  • Saves money in employee costs and hours
  • Previously difficult tasks are now very easy and quick
  • Securely backed-up

Read more about Software development here.

If you’re ready to enhance the efficiency of your business, reduce costs and increase profits, then request a free consultation now.

Thank You, Claudy DIY! | New Computers, Anti-Virus and Back-Up from JSE Computing

Claudy DIY are an independent builder’s merchant, supplying building materials to both private and commercial customers since 1984. A family-run business which operates from their yard shop in Claudy village, Claudy DIY have almost 40 years’ experience in trading with business across Ireland and the UK. Thanks to the current circumstances, Claudy DIY are now experiencing an influx of orders online, rather than in-person. To meet the demands of business, the company decided to completely upgrade their computer systems with JSE Computing, utilizing our hardware recommendation and procurement, anti-virus and cloud back-up services and bespoke software development. ​ We’ve had the pleasure of working with Claudy DIY in the past, so our IT Consultant was familiar with the IT needs of the company. Nonetheless, we conducted a new survey into how Claudy DIY operate and what systems they use, in order to determine which equipment would suit them best. Speed, performance and longevity were specified as Claudy DIY’s top priorities for IT equipment. With this in mind, and thanks to our partnership with Dell, we were able to provide Claudy DIY with three brand new Dell Workstation computers, with five screens in total, paired with Xerox multifunction laser printer-scanners. As a business who keenly work to provide top-tier customer service, it is important for Claudy DIY to have a highly efficient IT system with as little downtime as possible. That’s another reason why our IT consultant selected computers which come with next-business-day support for three years. While this is good – we’ve done them one better, as any customer who we procure hardware for, we also provide anti-virus for too, adding an extra layer of security to their new equipment. ​ Another way in which JSE were able to help Claudy DIY return to work post-pandemic was through providing a secure back-up system, and by moving their data from their old computers onto their new ones. We created unique software which enabled us to migrate essential data from their 2002 Intact into Xero, a platform which automates payroll, customer information, invoicing and tax returns. This will save Claudy DIY hours of manual labour a week, allowing them more time to allocate their focus to other aspects of their business. ​ We have fully installed Claudy DIY’s new equipment with minimal disruption to the team at their yard / shop. We were able to transfer their data quickly and implement all of the necessary safety precautions, so Claudy DIY are now operating with their brand new, upgraded equipment.

Thanks for choosing JSE Computing for your IT needs, Claudy DIY!

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